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Was macht CERN wirklich?

Insiderbericht: CERN als Weltvernichtungsmaschine

Wir bringen hier eine Zusammenfassung eines Whistleblowers aus dem CERN Kernforschungszentrum in Bern. Er heißt Dr. Edward Mantill und wurde am am 13. Juli 2016 in seinem Labor erschossen aufgefunden.

Man geht angeblich davon aus, daß er sich selbst umgebracht hat. Er hat sämtliche Unterlagen verbrannt, auch den Inhalt des Papierkorbs (haben die keinen Rauchmelder?), alle   Forschungsergebnisse auf seinem Computer gelöscht und nur 1 Dokument hinterlassen. Dennoch bleibt sein Tod mysteriös.

Was er berichtet ist hochbrisant.
Quelle dieses Berichtes (Vorsicht, diese Seite enthält einige sehr aufdringliche Werbeskripts)
Wir übersetzen aus Zeitgründen nur die wichtigsten Passagen

1) I am breaking international laws regarding privacy and secrecy by publishing this information.

2) I am not going to disclose my location since I know that any attempt to prove what I’ve seen or what I’ve been part of will result in my immediate and thorough extermination.

My name is Dr. Edward Mantill and I was (technically still am) a physicist at CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland. I specialize in particle and subatomic research, focusing on quark interactions. In other words, I study very very small particles and how they interact with one another at very high speeds.

Until Thursday, Jan. 15, 2014 I was a normal scientist living and working on the CERN campus. Most of the scientists who are involved in the branch of research that I am live on campus at the facility in Geneva and venture out only for social activities and the occasional visit home.

Zusammenfassung: Er bricht internationales Gesetz, wenn er diese Info rausgibt, weil sie geheim sein sollte, er ist Physiker in CERN und beschäftigt sich mit  winzigen Partikeln, Quarks, etc., und mit deren Interaktion. Er lebt beim Campus CERN so wie die meisten und fährt gelegentlich auf Besuch nach Hause.

Most of you who have heard of CERN will have heard of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) the largest scientific instrument which exceeds 20 miles in diameter and travels under the sovereign territory of two countries (Switzerland, France).

The public has been told that it was constructed at a cost of tens of billions of Euros for the purpose of studying the birth of the universe and the collisions that take place within the collider allow us a quick glimpse at certain phenomenon that can only be witnessed when particles hit one another at incredibly high rates.

This is NOT what the machine was designed for, nor is it what the machine has been used for since it’s inception.

CERN’s main purpose for building the Collider was too, well it was to open a door way.

Allow me to explain: the doorway idea came into fruition in the 1960s. After years and years of attempting to hide UFO phenomenon, including large scale and very public interactions such as the Roswell incident, and the Battle for Los Angeles incident well before that, the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and France decided to throw their weight behind the understanding of what precisely these objects were.

Der LHC ist mehr als 20 Meilen im Durchmesser und verläuft unterirdisch unter den Territorien von Frankreich und der Schweiz. Der Öffentlichkeit wird nicht gesagt, was der LHC eigentlich macht. Es ging um die Öffnung eines Durchgangs.

The ideas flew far and wide. Were UFOs from another planet? Were they from another time? Or where they simply mass hysteria and mass delusion fueled by the overactive imagination of a public who were shit scared of communists and their technology? No, they were none of those.

Our universe is but one page in a large book. Think of a closed book sitting on a table: you see each page stacked on top of one another, bound by the spine and sandwiched between the two covers. Our universe is but one page in a vast and all-encompassing book.

Unser Universum ist nur eine Seite in einem alles umfassenden Buch.

And our page is certainly not the only one with rich, in depth thought and writing committed to it. Every page in the book represents a different dimension each with it’s own unique writing, own unique story, own unique way of isolating itself from the other pages. No page was to interact with the other, just as no ink bleeds from one page to another in a standard book. Each page, a universe unto itself.

Jede Seite des Buches ist ein eigenes Universum und keine Seite interagiert mit der anderen.

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