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Erkennen • Erwachen • Verändern

Samstag, 7. Mai 2016


Aliens live among us in order to save the planet from us, says the head of the world's biggest UFO archive
The military trusts him and he is officially supported by the Swedish government: Swedish UFO-researcher Håkan Blomqvist founded together with friends the Archive for UFO Research in 1973. Nowadays, his library in the city of Norrköping contains more than 20.000 books, many thousands of documents from around the world and is considered the world's biggest UFO archive. Besides of numerous UFO sightings reports which the Swedish military sends him regularly, this archive also contains documentation about cases that Blomqvist has investigated himself - among them are some of the most amazing cases of direct ET contact in Scandinavia. Blomqvist is well aware that such witness reports can hardly be proven. However, some of the cases suggest that ETs do in fact live among us – in order to observe us and to intervene in case the planet is in danger....

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